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Introduce : Sustainable Developement


New Green Energy Technologies begins at well-knowed LED lamps design and produce. Now it has its
own brand, coolo, and makes efforts in Green Energy's R&D. Rised in Science Central Taiwan, Green
Energy Pioneer is our slogan, provides the most kindly prodcut and the newest energy-saving trend

Business & Profesional Solutions

1. LED Lighting Product R&D
2. LED Lighting Lamp
3. LED Project Planing and construction
4. Heat Pump System Design and construction
5. Green Energy Intergration Syatem Planing and construction

Manage Ideals



Green Energy enterprise is social responsibility. That's the reason we reward every single person and
every creature with our passion, and effect the whole world further.



We are specialist at saving-energy's research and development. And use this technolody in lighting,
air-condition and power generation.  




We insist to provide the best quality and price's product and the best after-sales service to each



Our company holds every creation comes from giving our customer better satisfaction. Everything returns
the human being's fundamental needs and mutualism with the environment.



Environment source is not unlimited but quiet lack of it. We realized that the source will never came back
after wasting it, therefore company's sustainable development and strive for green energy will be the most
careful promise we made.

Brand Story


the idea comes from cool-o. It means with our effort we can cool the earth which it's
temperature gets more and more higher because of greenhouse effect. We try to lower the temperature,
to be recovered from fever, returns to normal circulation and life-force. Through this design, the earth's
figure obstructed the C(carbon) letter, which means diminish carbon dioxide's emission. We hope to tell
people that's how we can make the greenhouse effect is under control.